wash and north + north is a cute dork

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"YOU HAVE A BAND?" "YEAH WE’RE TERRIBLE" ~ songs to impress that girl //including many songs from the soundtrack of scott pilgrim//  [listen]

fell in love with a girl - the white stripes ♡ from the ritz to the rubble - arctic monkeys ♡ are you gonna be my girl - jet ♡ jenny - walk the moon ♡ trying to be cool - phoenix ♡ tokyo (vampires and wolves) - the wombats ♡ brainpower - freezepop ♡ threshold - sex bob-omb ♡ reptilia - the strokes ♡ garbage truck - sex bob-omb ♡ short skirt/long jacket - cake ♡ ms. jackson - panic! at the disco ♡ the phoenix - fall out boy ♡ this fire - franz ferdinand ♡ scott pilgrim - plumtree ♡ barely legal - the strokes ♡ montreal calling - mobile ♡ lump - the presidents of the united states of america ♡ black sheep - metric ♡ rosie - the kooks


Daft Punk
thomas and guy manuel ♥

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shirtless anthony padilla for nia


one door closes.

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" and the universe said I love you
and the universe said you have played the game well

and the universe said everything you need is within you
and the universe said you are stronger than you know
and the universe said you are the daylight ”
-Minecraft Ending


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random freelancers group shots + coloring practice

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